The Utter Failure of NeuCoin Forces Foundation To Shut It Down

The NeuCoin project started out three years ago and was designed to create a consumer-driven digital currency. By distributing tokens to participants, growth and adoption were intended to grow exponentially. Unfortunately, the project is shutting down, as the NeuCoin Foundation made the announcement last night. It was evident from day one the NeuCoin project […]

The Prime Minister of India Calls for Increased Adoption of Digital Currency

India recently made it to the news by doing the unthinkable ? declaring two of its?existing large denomination currency notes invalid. The move effectively removed an estimated 80 percent of the currency notes out of circulation drastically affecting the country?s economy. The government insists that the move will root out unaccounted cash and counterfeit […]

Bitcoins Norway Now Allows Deposits through DNB Bank?s Payment App

The ?Land of Midnight Sun?, Norway has stepped ahead of many countries when it comes to Bitcoin adoption. According to a user on Reddit and the Bitcoins Norway website, people in the country can now buy Bitcoin directly through Vipps Payment Application. Vipps is one of the widely-used payments application in the country. The […]

Whatever Happened to Bitcoin? – Sci-Tech Today

Bitcoin, the virtual currency used by savvy techies and online black market traders, has faded from the public eye in recent months. But investor and cryptocurrency expert Adam Draper says bitcoin still has the potential to play a major role in the financial market — once society figures out exactly what to use it for. […]

Indian Finance Minister Tells Banks to Promote Digital Banking

Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister of Corporate Affairs in the Cabinet of India, has said that banks should start to promote digital banking in ?mission mode? to limit the use of physical currency. It is hoped that by doing so cashless transactions will increase in the country, reports The Times of India. Only recently the […]