US and Europe Reach Agreement on Derivatives Regulation – New York Times

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Europe banking meltdown: Why it’s gone ‘overboard’ – CNBC

“Misses were typically driven by year-end kitchen sinking rather than any material deterioration in asset quality where forward guidance remains benign on the assumption that a recession is to be avoided,” research analysts at Nomura said in a note published Wednesday. They see asset quality, liquidity and capital levels “far above previous crises, even as […]

Facebook withdraws Free Basics from India after regulatory debacle – PCWorld

Facebook has withdrawn Free Basics from India, days after the country’s telecommunications regulator prohibited the differential pricing of data depending on the content or application that is being accessed. “Free Basics is no longer available to people in India,” a Facebook spokesman wrote Thursday in an email. The Free Basics service, earlier known as, […]

Bill could block attempts to enforce encryption backdoors – SlashGear

The fight for security and privacy, now embodied in the encryption of devices and services, has long taken a political flavor when the US government publicly advocated installing backdoors on such systems for the sake of criminal investigation. Now the story takes an interesting turn when two lawmakers cross the political divide to propose a […]

Google will stop serving Flash ads in 2017 – Mashable

Adobe Flash’s death march continues. Google announced Tuesday that beginning June 30, display ads built in Flash can no longer be uploaded to AdWords or DoubleClick Digital Marketing ? it’s two biggest ad products. In a Google+ post announcing the news, Google added that it will stop running Flash ads on Jan. 2, 2017. See […]